Going through a deployment does have its stressful moments. We are thinking about our loved one and praying for their safe return home. We are also juggling after school activities, figuring out what we are having for dinner (again), not to mention the walking, bathing and feeding of the dog. During all the "must do's" of the day, every once in a while something so funny happens we find ourselves in an uncontrollable laugh.


I recently had the chance to talk with several military spouses on the topic of the funniest, and craziest things that have happened to them during a deployment.


Here is what they said:


"I think my funniest was when I was out to lunch with a girlfriend- both of us 7ish months pregnant. We were sitting in a booth and both reached down for a toy her two year old dropped. And got STUCK. Literally. That poor table was wedged between our bellies. We started laughing hysterically - which did not help - until the manager had to help us slowly inch the table out from between us. I was kinda glad my husband WASN'T there because I never would have heard the end of it!" - Kristen


"I used the men's bathroom at Walmart." - Kristle


"On my husbands very 1st deployment in 1997 I said goodbye to him in San Diego. I drove back to Camp Pendleton and cried the entire 65 miles. When I got home I was trying to figure out what to do next so I went out to do laundry. The old houses locked automatically so I found myself locked in the garage with a pad lock on the outside door too. I had no phone, no husband coming home soon and after an hour I started to panic. I looked around and found some MRES and the washer had water so I was planning my survival when at my 3 hour mark the neighbors 6 year old knocks in my door. She wanted to visit with me. Through the crack in my garage door I was about to send her for help and realized my front door was open. She came around and let me out. I was rescued by a 6 year old. I thought I was going to live in there. My husband thought it was so funny. I was only married 6 months." - Renee


"The funniest thing for me was when I took candy out of my husbands care package because I needed something sweet. When hubby deployed I would buy him obscene amounts of candy and, of course, for myself. Well, one night after dinner I needed something sweet but I had nothing. I went upstairs and saw the box that I was suppose to mail out to hubby filled to the rim with candy. Well, my control lasted for about 5 seconds until I took a bag of laffy taffy from the box. I have no self control." - Ines


"I was pushing a friend's 4 year old around the BX to just hang out and every guy in uniform he pointed, got excited and shouted my husbands name :) hilarious and the guys in uniform looked incredibly worried." - Lauren


What is the funniest thing that has happened to you during a deployment?


Share your story below!



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I had just arrived in Germany to join my husband only to learn he was deploying to Iraq. I had 10 days to learn to drive a stick shift vehicle and learn my way around. All was going well until the night my husband was to leave. We drove to base and said our goodbyes and I slid into the drivers seat of our car. I put the car in gear to leave and it died. I re-started the car, once again put it in gear and again it died. This happened a couple of times and I was already nervous and in tears. My husband comes to my window and has me try again. Again, same results. My husband, trying not to laugh, leans in the window and says "Honey. you have to take the emergency brake off.". I wanted to die right then and there.
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I was talking to my newlywed wife on the phone while deployed to Iraq about how things were going back home. She told me that she had a great time out with the rear detachment spouses club. She said she met a lot of spouses, all field grade officer wives as I worked on a Division staff. She then tells me that they got into a conversation about what sections their husbands worked in. So I asked her what she said. My wife said that she told them that I worked in the DFAC. I said to her in a very calm voice, “baby, I work in the Divisions Fires and Effects Coordination Cell also known as the Division FECC. I am not a cook, I do not work in the Dining Facility.”
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Oh my gosh, these both are too funny! Thanks for sharing your stories Kim and gssavage! We've upgraded our platform on the community and your comments both sneaked by me. I apologize for the delay in responding! Great to have you in the community!