Military Spouse Bloggers Share Their #MilSpouseLove Shout-outs

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It seems like there are more holidays than one can keep track of. I am all about having an excuse to have a chocolate chip cookie on national chocolate day -and who doesn’t love national donut day!? But with so many things to celebrate, it is easy for some of the more important recognition days to get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. Military Spouse Appreciation day is always celebrated the Friday before Mother’s Day and while some may wonder why military spouses need their own day- there is no doubt in my mind these amazing women and men have earned a day to be acknowledged.


I could never have imagined the brave, beautiful, smart, caring women and men I would be lucky enough to call my friends. Military spouses inspire me daily with their independence, their ability to take care of all things, their unwavering support and unrelenting love for their spouses.  I am humbly blessed to know so many military spouses and hope they know how much their friendship is cherished and how much they are loved and appreciated on this day!


Some fellow military spouses (and bloggers) shared their #MilSpouseLove stories with Wendy and we encourage you to do the same!




Amy Bushatz from One day, in the middle of a particularly hard week during a super hard month in the midst of what was essentially the worst year of my life, Karen Golden sent me flowers. She knew it was a hard week. She didn't know all the details of the other stuff. I think of that bright spot, that small yet huge act of kindness and encouragement, often -- and as I result I try to notice when I can be the flower sender to pay it forward.


Jennifer McDonald from : My amazing friend Sue Bender made a huge difference for me in my husband's last year-long deployment. We were living in Germany and opted to stay overseas while he went to Afghanistan for a year. I suffered some illnesses over a long winter along with the sudden death of a dear friend. She moved back CONUS during that time, yet was one of the few people who consistently continued to call and check on us regularly. Does not sound like much, but it made a huge difference for me over that sad winter and I will never forget it.


Lizann from : So many military spouses helped me survive the tough years of newborn babies and combat deployments! I'll never forget the friends that brought me meals, helped mow my yard, and watched my kids whenever I went to the hospital. Special shout-out goes to the one who volunteered to come over and clean my house after I had baby #3! I never deserved such generosity, so now I always try to pay it forward.


Tessa from : When we were living in Guam, I flew to Australia to visit my husband in port. Their ship pulled out a week early -- the night before my birthday. My best friend in Guam, Jolene, hopped on the next flight down and celebrated with me. Jolene is still the kind of friend that would drop everything to help anyone.


Missy: I have so many stories but I lived in Germany and my husband was deployed when baby number 2 was born. Nothing says friendship more than when people help you through that. Those 3 friends are still close to my heart. Then same kid, years later was attacked by a dog while his dad was deployed and again my military friends were there for me as he had emergency surgery




We invite you to share your thank you message to a fellow military spouse here in the comments and on social using #MilSpouseLove.


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