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It’s that time of year again; time to celebrate the strength and sacrifices of military spouses. The life of a military spouse can be a roller coaster of emotions, which makes this day so special for many. We are lucky that many of us have our battle buddies right beside us. So, what better way than to celebrate this day with some of your closest military spouse friends?


In honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day on May 11th, here are some fun ways to celebrate the day, brought to you by none other than military spouses. 


Pamela – Have a lunch or dinner with other milspouses, and celebrate each other over some yummy food! There is no harm to keeping it simple, and just enjoy each other’s company.


Marla – Throw a brunch at home and invite some of your closest milspouse friends. You can have a fun activity where everyone fills out one thing that makes a milspouse amazing and put it in a bowl. Later on, have each person pick out a random one and read it aloud.


Susan - A great idea that I have received is a gift certificate for a cleaning service. My husband was deployed one year and I really wanted a super spring cleaning of my house. It was the best. So simple and it made me so happy. I almost rolled around on my carpets, but I didn't.


Patti – If my husband is around, he always takes me out to celebrate any way I want, like a movie or lunch date, then later in the day some of my close friends and I go to the beach. We bring a cooler of snacks, some blankets and just listen to the waves while we catch up!


Thank you to all the military spouses on the homefront!


How long have you been a military spouse? What ways have you celebrated Military Spouse Appreciation Day? Share with us in the comments below and by using #milspouselove on social.


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