Michelle Obama Announces Portable Job Opportunities for Military Spouses

I had originally planned to blog about my "De-clutter" Challenge I'm participating in with The Military Spouse Coach, so far we are taking small 15 min increments of time to declutter. I'll come back to my progress and highlights next week, however in the meantime you can get a sneak peak here.


Today I want to tell you about the coolest opportunity I had last week!!


I received an email from the Press Office of the First Lady. I know I'm still pinching myself. The email was an invitation to participate in a telephone conference with other milbloggers and traditional reporters with the First Lady, Michelle Obama. She was making an exciting announcement regarding Military Spouse employment as part of the Joining Forces initiative.


The whole experience was very surreal to be calling in to participate and to actually get to ask Mrs. Obama a question!




Here are some of the details of the call:


Mrs. Obama announced, "11 companies are coming together to pledge more than 15,000 jobs for military spouses - 15,000 jobs. And the vast majority of these jobs are ones that the spouses can do at home from anywhere in the country."


The jobs will be listed on the Military Spouse Employment Partnership website, which features an easy to use searchable database.


Most of the jobs are customer service, however other positions highlighted included jobs within the telecommunications, health care and service industries.


Joining Mrs. Obama on the call was fellow military spouse, Dawn Schaeffer. Dawn is an Air Force wife who shared her struggle with finding a suitable job after a move from Guam to Missouri. Dawn currently works for Arise Virtual Solutions, one of the 11 companies highlighted in the announcement. She very candidly shared her story, one that is very familiar to spouses who have had to "start over" after a move. "I was really excited about this opportunity because it allowed me to set my own schedule; it allowed me to stay at home. I get to provide customer service to some of the biggest companies in the world. And I don't have to worry about making ends meet if we get transferred or have to move to another base. And following the certification process, I began servicing customers of a major telecom company. And I'm a certified professional, and I absolutely love what I do."


This exciting announcement brings job opportunities to thousands of military spouses needing to find portable and flexible job options.


It's important to note, for spouses who start out in one of the customer service, call center positions in possibly an entry-level position, there would opportunities to move up in the organization based on their performance. Salary amounts range from $9 to $16 an hour.


On this blog we have often talked about stepping out of our comfort zone during a deployment to accomplish our goals. If you have ever thought about starting a new job or even looking for one, the Military Spouse Employment Partnership website is a great place to start.


Thank you Mrs. Obama for letting me be part of the extraordinary experience of helping get the word out about this great stepping stone in providing real jobs that meet the unique needs of the job seeking military spouse.


I'll close with Mrs. Obama's remarks on the military spouse:


"Just to put this in context so that people understand what these spouses go through, these men and women take on so much. Just think of it - every couple of years they are packing up and they're moving from state to state; oftentimes, they're doing the work of two parents when their spouse is deployed for months at a time. And like so many civilian families, they're doing this all while balancing the demands of family, community, and trying to keep their own jobs together, all while hoping and praying that their loved one comes home safe.


These spouses are people who have to know how to do it all. They're constantly troubleshooting and managing schedules. They're dealing with changing circumstances and everything else that comes their way. But the beauty of all of this is that it means that our military spouses are often some of the most talented, most resilient and most employable people around."


For more information on Joining Forces visit:
The Official Joining Forces website


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Love the article! Just a heads up your link to the job website isnt directing properly. Thank you for the info on the program!!
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KYON - Thank you for the kind words, I REALLY appreciate them!! I think the link should be working now. Thanks for the heads up!