MOMC: MilSpouse Bloggers Share about their MilKids

Updated April 2021

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All kids are special, but in my completely biased opinion, nothing is more amazing that a military child. These so-called brats, are the picture of resilience. Multiple moves, new schools, too many goodbyes to count and yet they persevere! My two girls are little, four and two, but they handle their father’s coming and going with ease, and my oldest now has friends in different states; even across the pond (HI CHARLOTTE!).


April is the Month of the Military Child and I wanted to recognize some of those special children. I asked fellow military spouse bloggers to share about their kids and was touched by each one of their testimonies illustrating the truly delightful nature of their milkids.


USAA-Community-Grace-Adventuresofayoungwife.jpg Grace from Adventures of a Young Wife: Before my little one was 6 months old she has said hi and bye to daddy twice (met her at 2 days old…! I know it's different when they are this little because they don’t know but watching her light up when we got off the plane warmed this mommy heart!! They may not be able to say anything this little but they know what's up!! It's so reassuring to see especially when you have negative people telling you they won't know who their daddy is!



USAA-Community-Sarah-GlitterandPearl.jpgSarah from Glitter and Pearl: Our daughter said goodbye to daddy at 7 weeks old for a combat tour to Afghanistan, she saw him return that year right before her first birthday and she knew her daddy!! Two peas in a pod. Next came more tdy’s, deployments, two one year remotes to Korea, and 3 schools in 3 years. Our girl has remained resilient and strong, her relationship with her dad remains full of love and we are so proud of her sacrifices and who she is becoming.




USAA-Community-Lizann-TheSeasonedSpouse.jpgLizann from The Seasoned Spouse: My 4 kids were all born into military life. 2 were born right before or during a deployment. All of them have lived overseas. They have moved and made new friends many times. The military has given them many challenges, but they have grown stronger and more independent through all of them. They recently welcomed Dad home from his 7th deployment




Tiffany from My 4 mil-kids came into this life a little later when I married my husband, their new stepdad. They have embraced it with great enthusiasm, going through three deployments and 2 years of geo-baching. He has such an amazing relationship with them all and the two oldest are no longer kids and now active duty military men! So proud of them all!




USAA-Community-Kelsey-ByLandAirOrSea.jpgKelsey from By Land Air or Sea: My two girls (5 years and 10 months) were also born into military life. My 5 year old has been extremely resilient in the two moves since her birth. She watches her best friends, also military children, move away and always finds a way to make friends! I am so glad they also will have each other.





It brings me immense joy to read about the triumphs and successes of military children and would love to hear about the military kids in your life. Please share in the comments!


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