When it comes to staying connected while your loved one is far from home it can be extremely difficult. If you are lucky, you might have access to Skype or other webcam options. You might also be able to talk on the phone periodically. If your spouse happens to be on submarine, that limits the options for conversation and connection even more. So what's a girl (or guy) to do when it comes to maintaining the closeness and connection of your relationship?


Below are some options for keeping that spark alive during a long separation:


Love Letters can give you a chance to share your thoughts, dreams and appreciation for your spouse. They can help reduce stress and even be a source of strength to your relationship. If you happen to send emails vs. handwritten letters, be sure to print them and keep them in a safe place.


Care Packages filed with all of your spouse's favorite things is a loving way to show them just how much you love and miss them. The items might seem silly to others, but to the both of you it's like sharing an inside joke. My husband's favorite candy - of all time - is M&Ms. One year he actually had M&Ms imprinted with a special message that he gave me for my birthday. Take a moment to write down some of your spouse's favorite things and begin to put together a care package filled with love!


Skype and other web cam options are like a gift from heaven in my opinion. The first time we tried Skype I remember thinking he could be TAD (TDY) and not halfway around the world - that is until I noticed his desert camouflage gear in the background. Seeing each other in person (via the web) is almost magical. Make the time for connecting using this technology. It really it is amazing to see your spouse's face and hear their voice, trust me on this.


So, when was the last time you wrote a love letter? I hope this post inspires just one person to break out the pen and paper, or power up their email.


How do you stay connected?


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Having my husband away on his 2 yr PCS tour has already not been easy, BUT we have found amazing ways to stay afloat. Skype for some reason does not work well in his location, but thanks to other technologies with smart phones we found some free applications that allow us to text or call each other for free, and personal emails, we also keep a notebook that we write in so when he comes home for R&R, we can read each others notes and thoughts. I send CARE PKGS, probably once a month. I learned NOT to send chocolates because they can melt from the heat, BUT making him CAKE IN A JAR was such a surprise for him, and I had a blast doing it. We are newlyweds so this is definitely tough, BUT it's a second marriage for us both and we are a strong couple, and I am so blessed.
My wife left just last week with 2 little boys (2 years old and 6 months old). We each purchased iPads to use while she is away. The Skype and/or Apple FaceTime has been critical in allowing us to keep in touch so far... The ease of use and ability to move between 2 cameras lets me show her the boys when they are playing. We also can send videos to one another in seconds. I just hope she has reliable internet once she gets to her post in Iraq....
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Carie, What is a CAKE IN A JAR?? My airman has just recently left. We are also newlyweds of just 8 months, but, like you, this is our second marriage, so we have been through tough times in the past and have respect for one another. Ours is a short separation. And when he returns, the honeymoon will commence.
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Well its been hard having my husband away,We have a newborn girl who is four months old now he saw her on r&r and left when she was Only 14 days old.Thank god for the webcam or we would be lost!I write and send him things often.He has another 2 months left in iraq and he will be home!!Yayyy!God bless all of you brave Americans.
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RebeccainCO, Here is the step by step I have used! If you use an internet search to look up "cake in a jar for care packages" there are more flavor combination ideas :) I also read somewhere that you can send an unopened can of frosting along so they can also have some icing to enjoy with their homemade cake! http://baking.about.com/od/giftideas/ss/canningjarcakes.htm
Wendy Poling USAA

Finding ways to connect is so important and I love the Cake in the Jar idea!