shutterstock_107221406_car side view mirror.jpgOn New Years Eve I hope to be on top of a snow-capped mountain, nestled into a cozy cabin surrounded by loved ones. This year marks the first time in as many as I can remember that my husband actually has holiday leave. We are renting an SUV and driving to a ski resort, stopping to see family along the way. One of things I can’t wait to do in between trying to learn to ski again is to take a brand new leather bound notebook and jot down my thoughts for 2013. I want to write down my successes, the goals that I reached and then also take a look at the ones I didn’t quite accomplish.


I also think it will be good to write down the goals accomplished that were not part of the original plan. I want to see if it was worth pursuing those new goals while sacrificing others. Taking a look back before looking forward is something that doesn’t come natural for me. My number one strength on the Strengths Finder scale is Achiever, so I’m not one for looking back…ever. However, I do believe that as I tackle 2014 I want to create some clarity so I might stay focused and less distracted when opportunities knock on my door. I know I need to be prepared to say “no” along the way in order to maintain a good work/life balance. If I’m not clear on my goals for the New Year I’m afraid I’ll be overbooked and stressed out!


So, somewhere in those vacations days I plan to set aside an afternoon with my hot cocoa and a favorite pen to tackle these questions. Then I’ll move on to what I’d like to accomplish in 2014. I want something more than the usual; losing weight, reading more and watching less TV. We all have some type of fitness, knowledge and productivity goals for ourselves, but I’m talking about goals that will make a difference. Like spending time volunteering with my sons youth group at church, or continue volunteer teaching/training military spouses at our local installation. I would like to set aside the time to try the numerous exciting (and crazy) ideas floating around in my head.


What are your goals for 2014? Have you started to think about them yet?


Let’s jump into this year together and see all the amazing things we can accomplish. I encourage you to take a review of 2013 before setting your 2014 goals. It just might help create clarity and focus. Have the mind set that you can accomplish anything and focus on the possibilities and not the obstacles.


One of my goals for 2014 is to continue to take classes to continue my education. I’ve stopped and started along the way between each duty station and now that we have been settled here for sometime, I’m ready to start again. Maybe you have started and stopped school like me and not sure how or where to begin. I’m of the mindset that even if it’s a class at an Adult Education Center in Microsoft Office or Creative Writing that is STILL progress, especially if you have a new baby at home or in the middle of stressful deployment. The idea is to start something and finish it. This time next year we can look back on a successful 2014 as we set new goals for 2015.


Let’s root each other on in 2014!

I'm rooting for you Wendy!
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Great blog post!  Thanks for sharing - and encouraging - your readers to look back before going forward.

You mentioned volunteering as one of the potential goals.  I'd like to offer up the nonprofit I work for - Project Sanctuary - as one of those places you can volunteer.  

We offer therapeutic and recreational retreats for military and veteran families free of charge here in the Rocky Mountains (might be the place you're going skiing this vacation??).

We are a terrific, mission-focused, impact organization that is helping the military family reconnect.  Check us out at when you have the time.


Jason Strickland