Making new friends as a military spouse is probably one of the single most difficult things about living this lifestyle. We move sometimes every three to five years, which means we are routinely saying good-bye or see you soon to the support system we have painstakingly built. Sure there is Facebook, texting and phone calls, but nothing replaces that in-person conversation, that warm hug and being able to go and hang with your best girlfriends.


This month I've been writing about being thankful and how living in gratitude can actually make make you happier. But what if you've just PCSd and your spouse is currently deployed? How are you doing? I imagine it would hard to be feeling thankful about spending the upcoming holiday season alone.


This was me after a PCS move and frankly I felt very disconnected and alone.


What I know now is the time I took to invest in relationships was the best investment I could have made during that deployment. Yes, I was doing my best to save and stay on budget, but frankly I needed to figure out how to build in some stress relief into my days.


Here are few ways to reach out:


  • Encourage a friend by inviting them to lunch
  • Invite friends into your home for fellowship and fun
  • Buy or make a card and write a note of thanks or encouragement


As this holiday season approaches, let's all reach out more, open our hearts more, love more and be an encouragement to someone. You might find yourself with a new friend, a new workout buddy or even your new battle buddy.


Taking the focus off our situation and putting it on how we can be an encouragement to others is part of the recipe of success for getting through the separation and hardships of a deployment.


What am I thankful for this week? Military Spouses just like me who are working hard at supporting their Warriors. Not only are we really all in this together, we really ARE better together.


How are you going to reach out to strengthen and build your relationships this holiday season? Share your tips here.


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New Member
Thank you Wendy for your articles. My husband is currently overseas and I am yet again alone for this holiday. My family is here for me but doesnt really understand my pain. Its hard for them to hear my pain and loneliness. So I dont talk about it to avoid hurting them. So really, this article was the first to reach out to me. It made my burden lighter and my day a little more enjoyable. I am thankful for others like me. Bless you. Amber
Wendy Poling
Frequent Contributor
Amber- I think we miss them more during this time of year if that is even possible. Knowing there are others in our same situation makes us feel connected, even across the miles. I'm glad you found this community and hope you keep reading /commenting. Thank you for your kind words! Blessings, Wendy