How Young Drivers Intelligence™ is Helping Teens

shutterstock_110813996.jpgOur family is bracing ourselves for the day our teenager begins driving. I have visions of him wanting to do donuts in the nearby elementary school parking lot and forgetting to look in his blind spot before changing lanes. It doesn’t seem that long ago I was reminding him to look both ways before crossing the street and now in a blink of an eye he will soon be behind the wheel of an automobile…alone! I want him to learn to drive and be safe, however I’m not sure how to monitor his driving when I’m not actually in the car. This makes me nervous to the point I want to keep him far away from the family car, which I know is completely unrealistic and not possible.


Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a new teen safety device, offered by Young Drivers Intelligence™, that is available to USAA members. The program, just for teen drivers, would not only let me monitor his driving when he is off on his own, but also do so in a way that we could use this new technology as a coaching method to help him become a safer driver in his critical first year of driving!


This new teen safety device, Young Drivers Intelligence™, is a technology that gives parents a tool to help educate young and inexperienced drivers on just how well they are driving and provides an opportunity for parents to coach them along them way.


How Young Drivers Intelligence™ works:


Once you are enrolled you receive a small GPS device to install on the primary vehicle for your new driver. According to the Young Drivers Intelligence™ website, “When your teen drives, the device transmits key driving factors like:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Location
  • Time of day


The results are transmitted wirelessly to a secure website where you and your teen can review the data. They will only be used for you to help your teen develop safer driving habits – not for determining rates or acceptability for auto insurance.”


I’m excited about this new technology and introducing this program to my teen driver.


For more information on the Young Drivers Intelligence™ teen safety device visit


Have you ever used this device? What ways are you helping your teen driver be safer on the road?


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The Young Drivers Intelligence™ program service is provided by Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, Inc. USAA is offering the Young Drivers Intelligence™ program to members and is not responsible for the actions of Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, Inc. Member and related teen must be listed in an active USAA Auto Insurance policy to take advantage of offer. Limit one per driver who meets the eligibility criteria. While supplies last. Offer not redeemable for cash. Limited-time offer. Offer may be cancelled at any time. Other restrictions may apply. Offer details available on Device cannot be sold. After 12 months, the service will expire. USAA is not responsible for any actions resulting from use of the device and program.



Doug Nordman

I really wish this had been available when our daughter started driving!  


Hang in there, Wendy.  I'm sure everything will work out fine.  


I just got this devise and I LOVE IT!  This is the coolest thing ever.  It even caught ME going too fast, so it will help my daughter and me!


You all love it until they use the data to raise your insurance rates like others do. 

USAA Social Service
USAA Service
USAA Service

@zebrastripes, I see from previous conversations we've had an opportunity to address your concerns about your rates. I'm sorry that we are no longer your provider of choice for your insurance and we hope for the opportunity to provide some quotes in the near future. I will ensure to share your feedback with the appropriate team. Thank you. -Cynthia


Why on earth would USAA ever decide to eliminate such a helpful tool for young drivers.  When is a new option available?