How 15 Minute Bursts of Activity Can Change Your Life

Wendy Poling
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When your loved one is far from home you might find yourself taking over the household duties for two. Maybe your husband is the one that cleans up after dinner, or in my case he would do the cooking and I would do the cleaning up. If you have kids, maybe your loved one is on "bath time duty" and wrangles the little ones in and out of the tub while you clean up the kitchen after dinner. This also might be the time you fold that load of laundry you put in the washer earlier the day. Now, after you get the kids to bed you still need to clean up the kitchen and fold that laundry. It can make for one tired mama. You get the picture.


We've been talking about Spring Cleaning this month; there is a group of us taking part in a De-Clutter Challenge with Krista Wells, Ph.D., The Military Spouse Coach™. Krista is challenging us to spend between 1-15 minutes on de-cluttering. I LOVE the idea of not having to spend an entire weekend purging closets and cabinets for example and breaking up tasks into bite sizes pieces.


So far just this month we have worked on de-cluttering and organizing these areas:


  • Shoe closets for both kids and us
  • Make-up and hair products
  • Jewelry
  • Coffee and teas

These might seem like small area, but starting small creates momentum! Plus, it gives you the opportunity to see results quickly which can be super motivating to accomplishing that long-term goal of having an organized and efficient home. Setting aside just 1-15 minutes to de-clutter gives us the chance to develop a mindset that organizing isn't something that requires an entire day to accomplish. Plus, if after only 15 minutes you could feel great about organizing just a tiny area; it would be a super stress reliever!


What needs organizing in your home this week? Here's an easy way to get started. Set the timer on your microwave clock or phone and get to de-cluttering! But, remember to stop after 15 minutes and enjoy your results!


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