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One of my favorite days during a deployment is when my husband says, "stop sending mail." I LOVE this day. One of my other favorite days is when his things (i.e. his big black box) start arriving in the mail, a sure clue he is not far behind! Both of these events signal the date circled with a big thick marker on my calendar is getting really, really close! These events also mean my emotions are getting ready for a whole new ride on the deployment emotion roller coaster!

The past few weeks we have talked about the different emotions you might experience during a deployment, everything from hearing the news, wondering if you are normal to hitting your deployment stride. Today we are highlighting the different emotions you may experience as you prepare for the big day - homecoming!


MilitaryOneSource.com is filled with a ton of resource information that you must check out and browse around. In a deployment readiness article they highlight:


"As the end of the deployment gets nearer, military spouses experience growing excitement and anticipation, as well as apprehension. You'll wonder how your service member has changed, knowing that you have changed, too. You may have concerns about what your relationship will be like after you've been apart for so long."


These concerns are valid and normal. Keep in mind it's okay to take things slow when they come home. Lower your expectations and realize not everything will go perfectly. You will probably forget something on your meticulously planned to-do list along the way and that's okay.

Enjoy this magical time of reconnecting, no matter how awkward it might be at first. Congratulations, you made it through!


Join us next week as we talk about the emotions you might experience post deployment while you and your spouse are getting ready to know each other all over again.


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