shutterstock_90754157.jpgTax season is here. Have you prepared your taxes yet? Maybe this year you find yourself needing to file your taxes on your own during a deployment and forgot to get a special power of attorney, don’t worry your base legal office can help. They provide not only services to prepare a special power of attorney, but many other services as well.


One year while my husband was deployed we had remembered to update our wills, however we had forgotten to get a limited power of attorney for me to complete our taxes. Our local base legal office was able to provide me the necessary forms needed that I then sent to him. He was able to complete the forms where he was located and then mail them back to me. The process did take about a month and although I was able to file our taxes in plenty of time, it was an unnecessary stress. Through the experience we vowed to double check the calendar for special things like “Tax Day” and to make the time to visit the legal office no matter the intensity of his work schedule.


How to locate your base legal office:


Finding the legal office on nearby military installations is easy with the search tool on the Armed Forces Legal Assistance website. By entering your zip code and entering the range of miles you are willing to travel, you can easily find the exact legal offices in your area. You can also search by branch of service if you prefer to visit a specific branches office.


Services offered by your base legal office:


According to the U.S. Air Force Legal Assistance website, “the following matters are normally available at legal assistance offices:


  • Wills, testamentary trusts, and estate planning
  • Domestic relations, including divorce, legal separation, annulment, custody, and paternity
  • Adoption and name changes
  • Immigration and naturalization
  • Nonsupport and indebtedness including, communication, correspondence and negotiations with another party or lawyer
  • Taxes, including basic advice and assistance on Federal, State, and local taxes
  • Landlord-tenant relations, including review of personal leases and communication and correspondence.
  • Civil suits, including preparation of correspondence and certain documents. However, advice and document preparation will not be provided in cases where civilian counsel has been retained. In-court representation is precluded except through the expanded legal assistance program, the availability of which varies among the services.
  • Servicemembers Civil Relief Act advice and assistance


The process of finding the legal office, setting up the appointment, and going to the appointment will take a few hours, however it really is worth every second that you will spend. Trust me on this. Make your appointment early and have all your necessary required documents.


Have you ever needed a special power of attorney during a deployment? How has your base legal office helped you to prepare for a deployment?


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