This holiday season and as the year winds down, there are families that will be split up by deployment and will be spending the holiday season without their loved ones. Regardless of whether you are separated by states or countries, this can be a trying time for families, especially when little ones are involved.


What types of things can you do for your child this holiday season to try and make the holidays a little bit easier?


Crafting while daddy is deployed has always been a fun treat for my kids, and since we craft so much during the holiday season, it was always a perfect opportunity to take a project, center it around daddy, and put a holiday twist on it.


After spending many holidays alone, I kept some ideas tucked away to share in hopes of helping others as much as it helped my little ones.


Here are some fun holiday deployment crafts for kids:


Handprint or footprint crafts

This is a fun way to preserve tiny little hands or toes. Get your little ones involved and keep as a memory to show your loved one once they return. You can also put a different spin on this project by using handprints and creating cards. My kids would write one fun fact a day in the card about their day that they wanted their daddy to read when he got home. 


Countdown Christmas Tree 

While this idea was not originally holiday related, my 9 year old son at the time decided that he would turn it into a fun way to countdown the days until daddy got home. You can make your own, our buy a felt Christmas tree. Make enough ornaments equivalent to the days until your loved one returns. Take turns putting up one ornament a day, until there are no more left and your tree is completely decorated!


I miss you snow much globes 

Each time my daughter would think of her daddy and miss him, she would give the snow globe a nice big shake! Sadly, our snow globe did not make through the last move, however we will be making more of these just for fun. Use a picture of your deployed loved one or perhaps a family picture.


What holiday crafts have you tried with your little ones? Share with us in the comments below.


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