Found Love Letters, 3 Easy Ways to Create MORE of Them

Wendy Poling
Frequent Contributor

When my husband left on his first deployment we had only known each other a few months. I didn't really understand what deploying or getting underway meant or even how we would communicate. I do remember as he gave me his address he said he wasn't sure how long the mail would take to arrive or that it was even guaranteed to arrive. He did suggest I number my letters since many could arrive all at once.

I began writing letters and hoped they would find him miles away from home in some part of the ocean. To my amazement my letters did arrive and even more surprising was the fact somehow a letter from him traveled across the ocean to my mailbox! Receiving a letter when you haven't spoken via email or any other means is a-maz-ing!

At present, I am actually checked into the Navy Lodge. We are on day two of our move and earlier today I found a small box that had cards and letters he had written from years ago.

Are you saving your letters from your significant other?

How do you decide what letters to save or what to just leave in your inbox. In this fast paced world we live in and in the age of email, it is easy to take these letters/messages for granted.

Here are some ways to compile "love letters" from far away.

Print the cute, funny or memorable emails - Email notes are most likely the prevalent method for keeping in touch in today's modern world. These email notes can been paragraphs long or maybe only a one line, "thinking of you". Take a moment to print them out for future archiving. Create a folder in your inbox, just for these special messages.

Write MORE hand written letters -You might be thinking that it takes too much time to craft a handwritten letter, so how will you ever have any to save?! You are right that it does take longer to craft these letters and that is what you will treasure most as years go by. Talk to your significant other about the possibility of writing a letter once a month or more as time permits.

Create a form letter - When time is short, your loved one can use this method to still stay in touch and you can inject some humor in the process. This idea came from a creative friend. I think this is hilarious and worth a try. Create a list of questions with A, B, C, D, All of the Above, None of the Above or True and False options and request they "check one".


Please check one:

How is the weather there?

A. Sunny and mild
B. Africa Hot
C. Just like home
D. Haven't seen the sun in 5 months.

How are you sleeping?

A. Like a baby
B. Sleep, what's that?
C. Not as good as when I'm home

Pick questions and answers that are unique to your relationship that includes topics such as: weather, food, homecoming, movies, upcoming plans, etc.

Create a binder/scrapbook to archive the letters. Once you have a few of these handwritten letters, emails and Question/Answer letters, store them in a singular location. Maybe it's a photo box, a binder, or scrapbook. The point is not to complicate the process. Keep it simple. You'll be able to add to the box and/or book as each separation happens and in the end you'll have one place for all the memories during that time.

It's okay to get creative and have a little fun!

What are your ideas to archive these special notes?