Deployment Resolutions (Part 2 of 2)Last week, I shared some fellow military spouse’s goals and resolutions for an upcoming deployment. I was personally encouraged by so many of them, I wanted to share more in hopes you or someone you know could draw some inspiration to make some goals to help you power through your spouse’s upcoming deployment or long separation.


Eve: Me and my work out buddy (Laura) tried new fitness classes at the gym while our husbands were deployed. My kids and I tried to stay busy with going to the movies, play dates, day trips, social gatherings with friends, and family visits. I potty trained our youngest too! The best thing is to make sure to give yourself time away from your kids and stress. Going to the gym was the best thing to relax my mind, and sleep better at night.


Amber: I always declutter, have lots of girl time with my favorite ladies, and make all the food that he doesn't like. This past time, I made a new cleaning schedule to meet all the needs of the family.


Cayla: I'm determined to take my business to the next level as well as focus on my fitness after losing a lot of weight in the last 3 months I need to tone up. Then just doing things with my kids and helping them stay busy and distracted from daddy being gone.


Kristen from : We had a savings goal, and I made a 101 in 1001 list that started when he deployed - including among other things learning to crochet. One of those small things that I wanted to do but never seemed to have the time. That's what I did in the evenings after my son went to bed when I would have been spending time with my husband.


Amanda: I did bikini bodybuilding competitions with NPC, went to school full time and worked at a supplement shop. Definitely stayed busy all 10 months.


Elizabeth: We have a goal together, sign language, work on our signing, and I'm going to teach the baby to sign mommy, daddy….


Ashlee: I bought a cheap sewing machine and my goal is to teach myself how to sew before he gets home. I'm going to "attempt" a deep clean of the house. I'm starting a few classes at the community college next week.


Susan: I always resolve to not lose my mind. That hasn't worked for me so far, so I'm probably going to not make that resolution again. I think for the upcoming deployment, I'm going to try something new. I'm not going to over commit myself and just hang with my kiddos.


JD from Deployment resolutions are to always to save money. With the extra pay, we try to use all avenues available to us to make our money work for us.


Kate: Every time: get skinny, make house fabulous, mold children into model citizens. Record so far: deployment 5, me 0.


Kate: My husband and I are about 30 days away from completing a one year remote tour in Korea, in our first year of marriage. So we resolved to grow stronger separately and together throughout the year! We had never been separated and he left two months after we got married. I resolved to become independent, strong, resourceful, and patient. Thankfully all of those things happened over the course of this past year!



Have you been inspired by any of these goals and resolutions? My spouse sometimes leaves on shorter detachments and I am going to start making goals for those absences too! What are your resolutions for the next deployment?


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