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We are now at the end of the most popular month to make resolutions, how are yours holding up? I am blown away at all of the inspiring goals that so many military spouses make throughout the year when their significant other deploys. I was pregnant during my husband’s eight month deployment, so my goals were centered on getting everything ready for a new baby. I thought those were pretty great goals and in hindsight a necessity. Now after polling a large group of military spouses and bloggers and reading many of their suggestions and resolutions, I am inspired to up my goals. I am also reminded military spouses are resilient, smart and motivating!


Here are the Deployment Resolutions from eight fellow military spouses:
Alana: I set a reading goal on Goodreads to finish so many books, one thing I knew I wanted to do was better myself in some way. I found new hobbies, learned some of his hobbies, and got good at video games I knew he liked playing. I remember I also worked with our dog more teaching him ticks! I taught him how to roll over and give kisses on command which really made my husband happy when he came home!


Kim from We did a Deployment Project, which was kind of similar. We committed to have someone new for dinner every Sunday he was gone for 6 months. It ended up being so much fun and we ended up with awesome guests, even the Mayor and then the General of my husband's Division for dinner.


Gayle: Get in better shape. Last deployment I was able to work on me and start running...ran off 45 pounds! I also gutted my garage and made it into a man cave for him complete with a 55inch flat screen and painted in Chicago Bears colors.


Summer: What I did was every other day I would work on a care package. I would send one a month and spent about 2 and half weeks on a package. When I was done I’d send it out a week later. I decorated it according to the next holiday. Doing packages by holidays helped us count down by not really counting down at the same time. It kept me sane and gave my husband (boyfriend at the time) a smile and yummy snacks.


Ariel from When DH is gone on long EXs or courses; I try and set a saving resolution i.e. we will save X amount of dollars while he is away. If we're saving for a trip after, or for something else, knowing that his time away is working towards something we can both enjoy at a later time is a good motivator for both of us. Delayed gratification is the way to go! Especially when has leave in foreign cities or an opportunity to spend while he's away


Jessica: I ran my first race during our first deployment and have set running goals every deployment since. It really helps me clear my mind and keeps the stress in check. And the motivation of looking good for homecoming helps


Marci: I'm cancelling cable, working out 5x a week and reading at night during "me" time. Also... I know that overall things will be "more difficult” while my husband is gone so I made a little list of what is easier... Laundry, more time for myself... Things like that to try and stay positive and work through the anxiety and sadness of deployment.


Emma from Last time he deployed it was to declutter and purge the garage. (We’d just put all our unneeded stuff from all over the house out there.) His first one we made a monetary goal for savings and we smashed it.


Part 2 will be shared next week; there are so many more inspirational goals and commitments made my military spouses.  Until then, please share your deployment goals and resolutions in the comments.


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