Creative Things to Include in Your Valentine’s Day Care Package

shutterstock_125437169.jpg“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.” – Nicholas Sparks


It’s time to get your Valentine’s Day care package together and mailed off to your loved one.


Here are some ideas for inspiration that won’t break the bank:


Set a Budget


Before you begin shopping consider how much you can afford to spend on this care package. This part of the process is so important. It was always easy for me to over spend on care packages. When I set a budget, I found I was more creative and it helped me to send more thoughtful packages.


Use a USPS Flat Rate Box


Stop by your local post office and pick up one of the flat rate boxes. There are several sizes to choose from, I found the medium sized box was the size I used most often. This step can save you lots of money, both in shipping costs and also from over buying.


Decorate the Inside


Pinterest is filled with creative ideas on how to decorate the inside of the box. For example, glue red and white, heart themed wrapping paper to the inside of the box flaps. Once this step is done you can scrapbook on various things like: hearts cut out of construction paper, Valentine’s Day greeting cards, photos of you two together, photos of your kids or even fur babies, etc. Check out this example.


Add Favorite Treats with a Twist


Every awesome care package has a few favorite treats. Consider adding a themed note to each treat. Here are just a few creative ideas via Pinterest:


  • Gummie Bears with a note attached that says: “Being without you is unBEARable
  • Heart Shaped Peanut Butter cookies
  • Bag of mints with the note “we were MINT to be together”
  • Favorite flavor of ChexMix with the note, “I would be so MIXed up without you!”
  • Package of Reese’s Pieces with the note, “You stole a PIECE of my heart!”

Custom Photo Pillowcase


This is one of my favorite ideas that I learned from a fellow military spouse! Pick out a favorite photo and upload it to a photo site like Snapfish. The photo can be your engagement photo, a wedding photo or one of you on vacation. It can also just be a sweet candid. Snapfish can print your photo directly onto a pillowcase! No matter the photo to you pick, this custom pillowcase will easily become a treasured keepsake.


What are your ideas to create a memorable Valentine’s Day care package? Be sure to leave me a comment!


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