I have found when talking to my military spouse friends, it doesn't matter if our spouse is going to be gone over a year or three months we all experience the same heartache of missing them and we can't wait for their return. One the areas I'd like to explore on this blog is different ways to help make a deployment or long separation go by faster! Plus, at the same time celebrating we are one day closer to reuniting!


Here are a few creative ways to countdown the days until your loved one returns home:


Special Treat Jar - Fill a jar with Kiss chocolate candies that are equal (or as close as you can get) to the days your spouse will be gone. At the end of the day, grab a "kiss" from your sweetheart and celebrate that you are one day closer to your spouse coming home. Kids really love this activity. Feel free to switch out the treat to your favorite candy.


Paper-Chain - For little kids the concept of time is even harder for them to understand. One way to help is to create a paper-chain out of construction paper with one link representing each day. Remove one link a day and watch the paper-chain shrink in size, as you get closer to homecoming.


Countdown Calendar/Timer - Yes, there is an app for that. Download a countdown timer app to your smart phone to easily keep track of the time ticking away. You can also purchase a countdown clock and display it in a prominent place in your home. Consider having the kids create a family countdown calendar, complete with stickers and glitter.


This is just a start to the creative ways to countdown the days until you and your spouse are reunited. How do you count the days? I look forward to hearing your ideas!

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Our deployment this time is well over a year and we are about 1/3 of the way through it right now. I have found that counting down is slightly depressing when it's in days. We have chosen to do weeks for right now. We have enjoyed being in the Marine corps, but I think this is my husband's last deployment. I am looking forward to settling down and buying a farm. This deployment hasn't been too rough, but I have had my moments where I wished he could just come home for a night or two.
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I agree with the previous post. It is to depressing to count the days and it seems to make the depolyment longer in my and our kids' minds. We just live day by day, and try to be as "normal" as we can. When it gets close I let the the kids know, but never the exact day because it's to hard to explain the multiple different delays that could happen when thier daddy is on his way. Last deplyment took almost two weeks to get home due to the volcano that was erupting at the time.
Wendy Poling
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Great point, if you are counting 365+ days it could get discouraging counting by the day vs milestones or something similar. Thanks for your thoughts / input!