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How will you celebrate Christmas this year?


Will it be with family you've traveled to visit? Will it be with just your little family for the first time? Will it be in a far off land in a foreign country with your military family?


When it comes to celebrating Christmas, as military families we get the unique opportunity of being able to celebrate this magical time of year in many different ways.


One year I was in Berlin, Germany. I didn't have a tree, but the company of friends. We spent the day sightseeing and taking in all the sights and smells of a new city. One year I had the chance to visit Rome and attend Midnight Mass at the Vatican. This year I will have a New England Christmas surrounded by my little family and where they have the most beautiful Christmas trees I've ever seen.


For most military families who have experienced going through a holiday with our loved one in harms way, we have an extra appreciation for times we get to spend Christmas together.


If you are far from home this year it can be extra difficult and you might find yourself feeling homesick. It's not too late to reach out to your neighbors and other military families. Invite them over to join in your holiday celebration whether on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.


If you are traveling to be with family, take the time to check your vehicle. Pack an emergency kit, and don't forget everything your pet will need for the trek. Get plenty of rest before setting out on the road. Create a playlist of your favorite songs, download an audio book, or episodes of your favorite podcast to help keep you awake and focused for the journey.


Where will you wake up on Christmas morning?


No matter where that may be, I send you holiday greetings for a Christmas filled with Joy, Peace and Love.


To the servicemembers who are deployed this Christmas weekend, thank you. Thank you for protecting our freedom and standing the watch.


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How will you celebrate Christmas this year?