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Just like our car needs the oil changed, the tires rotated and servicing for the winter for maximum performance, so does our relationship with our spouse. We don't have to wait till our marriage is in crisis mode or for the "engine light" to come on in order to render some tender loving care. We can choose to put our marriage on the top of our priority list and plan quality time to spend with our spouse.


How do you keep your marriage strong?


There are lots of ways to stay connected to our spouse including: scheduling date nights, putting the kids to bed earlier to enjoy some kid-free couple time, and even doing hobbies we both enjoy together. These are all great ideas, however when it comes to learning tools and strategies for a better marriage, that requires a little more time and sourcing a quality program. You might be thinking, "it's near impossible to schedule a block of uninterrupted time with my spouse between duty days, long work days, and limited leave time"...and you'd be right. Military life does have its demands and that makes it all the more reason to work to request the time off to put our marriages on the front burner. One way to spend a solid block of time to re-connect with our spouse is through a marriage retreat over a weekend.

Marriage retreats are offered through local churches as well as through the Navy's CREDO program. CREDO is the acronym for the Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation. The purpose of these CREDO retreats, that are run by Navy Chaplains, is to provide Sailors, Marines and their families the opportunity to get away for a free week-end, or one day seminar, and strengthen their personal lives, marriages or families.


Here are some highlights of the CREDO program:


When Are Programs Held? CREDO programs are traditionally 48 hours in length held on Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, or Tuesday afternoon through Thursday afternoon. All the programs are free to those who attend. All events require advance registration, and space is limited.


Who Can Attend A CREDO Program? Active duty, Retired and Reserve Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard personnel, DoD civilian employees, as well as family members with appropriate ID cards.


Backgroun Information

CREDO provides an assortment of opportunities to sea service personnel and their families. CREDO's goal is to help enrich and strengthen individual's resiliency skills. Join the many who have reaped significant benefits from attending a CREDO retreat.


CREDO provides a FREE weekend away within a positive, safe, and supportive environment to:

  • Receive a greater understanding yourself and life
  • Increase trust and self confidence in self and others
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Strengthen marriages
  • Learn to handle anger more constructively
  • Improve communication skills
  • Establish new friendships
  • Have fun
  • Relax

The CREDO program also offers Personal Growth Retreats for single servicemembers. The Personal Growth Retreats are a time for individuals to concentrate on themselves and work on positive change in their life.

There are many CREDO locations around the country and OCONUS. For more information visit this page.


Have you attended a CREDO Marriage Enrichment Weekend? What was your experience?


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