Wendy Poling
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Traveling through the Texas Hill Country has been of dream of mine. The problem is that summer is slipping by and school will be starting soon. Maybe you are like me and find yourself wanting to take advantage of every last bit of summer we have left to explore, but on the other hand miss your spouse and wonder how to balance exploring new areas on your own with wanting to experience them for the first time with your spouse.


I talked with two military spouses about this topic and here are a few tips on blogging about summer fun in an effort to keep the connection strong with a long distance loved one:


  • Create backyard fun - Camp in the backyard or on the porch and roast hot dogs and make Smores; Play yard games like badminton or volleyball; Screen a movie by plugging in a smaller TV on your back porch and don't forget the popcorn.
  • Pick an activity that is two hours or less - It is easy to get over scheduled, over booked and over stressed. When a window of opportunity opens snatch up that time and head out for some fun. Navy wife Lori shares, "You don't have to blog about a trip to Disneyland. I once wrote about a simple two hours I spent with my son in the park and it's still one of the most meaningful posts my husband said he read. He even mentioned it in an interview with a local newspaper. So write about the little moments just as much as the big ones. Here's the story that was his favorite. It's called "A Little Dab'l Do Ya."
  • Recon mission - Think of your adventure as a "recon mission" to prepare for a future outing with your loved one when they return. Create a plan of action and highlight your must do's and things that you might skip in the future, be as creative as your imagination carries.


These are just three simple ideas that will give you great jumping off points to blog about during these last weeks of Summer.


If you are still on the fence, here is what military spouses Lori and Maria had to say on the subject:


Lori: "When my husband was gone and I was feeling lonely I didn't always feel like venturing out. But knowing that it would give me something to think about and then write about seemed to make me more adventurous! I always felt more connected to my kids, too because the event was purposeful."


Maria: "Since my husband is deployed in a very remote area, he hasn't been able to get online or call as often as he liked. So he had to resort to reading my blog to stay up to date with what my son and I have been up to. He found it easier to read recaps of what I've been doing and he said he loved being able to see all of the pictures of us in one central location. Facebook was blocked for him for a while so my blog was the next best thing. Plus, he could see the story behind each picture as opposed to me just uploading a pic onto Facebook."


How has blogging helped you stay connected to your spouse?