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The time during a deployment for many military spouses can be the perfect time to start or go back to school. Have you thought about furthering your education and pursing a portable career? It can be hard to know just where to start in determining exactly what resources and options might be available.


Here are some basic, frequently asked questions about the MyCAA scholarship program available to eligible military spouses.


What is MyCAA?

The Military Spouse Career Advancement Account or MyCAA is a Department of Defense (DoD) program focused on career development and employment assistance to help military spouses pursue associate degrees (excluding General Studies and Liberal Arts), licenses, or certificates necessary to help secure employment in high-demand, portable career fields and specialized occupations.


MyCAA Eligibility

Currently, spouses of active-duty service members and activated Reserve and Guard members in the pay grades of: E1-E5, W1-W2, and O1-O2 are eligible for the program. It's important to note, spouses of activated Reserve and Guard members must start and complete their courses while their spouse is on Title 10 orders.


Scholarship Amount and Completion Deadline

MyCAA scholarships are valued up to $4,000. There is a fiscal year cap of $2,000. Spouses have three years from the start date of their first course to complete their program of study.


Participating Schools

With so many colleges and programs around the country, it can be difficult to know just where to start when it comes to picking an approved school. The MyCAA website takes away all the guess work by offering an easy to use, searchable database of participating schools. You can search the approved list of schools here.


Additional Questions?

If you are unsure exactly what degree program is best for you or if a certificate in your specialized field is the best option, there are counselors at the ready to take your call. According to MilitaryOneSource.com, "Military OneSource (MOS) Education and Career Counselors help spouses explore all career options with tools like Career Assessments, Interest and Skills Inventories, Portable Career Statistics, and Earning Potential Metrics." For information on how to talk to an Education and Career Counselor, including how to apply, and to request aid for your courses click here.


If you are eligible for this outstanding program, set a course to pursue the goal of going back to school or start for the first time. Online classes can be taken from wherever you are located. Good luck as you pursue your new portable career!


Have you used MyCAA? What advice can you share on navigating a deployment and school?


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When I finally found out about MYCAA my husband was a Tech. I can't use it and in desperate need and really want to. I don't understand why it stops there but officers can use it.
Wendy Poling
Frequent Contributor
Nadia, The MyCAA program has changed its eligibility requirements through the years and at one point even stopped. Personally, I think it should be open to all spouses. However, the program was so popular they had to limit who was eligible. I believe this is why it now only open to spouses of junior enlisted service members and junior officers. For information on other scholarships please visit http://www.milspouseeducation.org/scholarships. This isn't an exhaustive list, but a good start. Good luck in pursuing your education. Never give up!