Wendy Poling
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With all the time our spouses spend far from home we can get really good at care packages and love notes. But what happens when they are home for a while and the "homecoming" euphoria wears thin? I sometimes struggle to find special, creative ways to show my love to my family and friends. What about you?


As the month of November winds to a close, here are five tips to show those we care about most just how thankful we are for them and how much they mean to us:


5 Ways to Say Thank You and Show Your Love


  1. Prepare their favorite meal. They say the way to man's heart is through his stomach and I tend to think the person who said this what on to something. My husband loves my green chili chicken enchiladas and a good caramel brownie. It usually kills any stress that might be lurking around. Your efforts in the kitchen can go along way to showing the man of your dreams just how much he means to you.
  2. Call just to say hi. Sometimes we call our favorite girlfriend to download the details of our stressful day. It's always good to remember to call just to say hi, and be ready to hear all about HER day. Being a good listener takes practice. However, it's well worth the rewarda long lasting friendship!
  3. Plan a special day of favorite things. Pick a day to experience some of your spouses' favorites. This might include going to see their favorite band, even if you have never of heard of them (raising my hand), and eating at their favorite steakhouse instead of your favorite Italian place.
  4. Create a special gift basket. This idea would be perfect for that best friend who you leaned on during a recent deployment. Fill the basket with some homemade treats, their favorite bath/spa items and a special note of thanks of just how much you love them and appreciate their support.
  5. Do something you've been putting off for a long time. Maybe this is finally cleaning out that portion of the garage that's unorganized and replacing it with a new tool chest. Maybe it's finally visiting that popular local tourist attraction you have yet to explore. What is the one thing your spouse has talked about doing that you haven't gotten to just yet? When it comes to our kids, making that surprise visit to the school to have lunch with them can create a wonderful memory.

Showing our spouse, kids, family, close friends just how much we love them in a creative, thoughtful way is something we can all make a priority. I challenge us all to step out of the box and really think about what we can do this holiday season to create some special moments and memories.


What are your tips for showing your spouse and kids just how much you love them?