Growing up near family always meant big family holiday celebrations and no need for far travel. That is until we moved a few hours away and if you are a military family, there may be some type of holiday travel involved.




According to the United States Department of Transportation, heavy traffic surrounding all three major holidays can increase the chances for automobile accidents. However, in 2016, the six-day period that includes Christmas had 18 percent more auto accidents than the Thanksgiving period and 27 percent more than the days around New Year’s Day.


Staying safe during the holidays is important for us all and if you are planning to travel this year, there are various things you can do to help ensure the safety of you and your family.


Here are 5 Holiday Travel Safety Tips:


  1. Winterize your car. Whether you live in a cold climate or not, winterizing your car is beneficial for any climate. Things to consider: check the battery, make sure you have enough fuel, rotate tires, replace tires or ensure that you have snow tires if you will be traveling in snow, check your fluids, windshield wiper fluid and also verify that windshield wipers are new and/or in good condition. Overall, a good preventative maintenance for your vehicle should be scheduled and ensure your mechanic knows you will be traveling.
  2. Be ready for an emergency. While you don’t wish to plan for one, have an emergency kit ready in case you are stranded on the road. While roadside assistance is only a call away, the holiday season is extremely busy. Depending on your provider, keep in mind this busy season might leave you and your family waiting for a while. AAA recommends keeping in your vehicle at all times: a cell phone charger, first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, and reflective triangles for when you pull over. Better to be safe and prepared than to be sorry and unprepared.
  3. Car seat check. While car seats take up a lot of travel room, they are what keep our little ones safe and could potentially save their life. Be sure to check with your state car seat laws and ensure your seats are properly installed.
  4. Get rest. Before any travels where driving is concerned, plan to have a good night’s sleep. Plan to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep beforehand in order to keep from falling asleep and being distracted while driving. Also, be sure to stop frequently to stretch and walk around. This is also helpful if you are traveling with little ones who need a break.
  5. Don’t get distracted. More than just saying don’t text and drive, don’t let distractions get to you and make you lose focus on what’s most important, driving safely. Ensure all passengers understand that you need peace and that children are aware that they must follow car safety rules. Don’t get distracted by the fights happening in the back seat and put your cell phone in driving mode so the ringing doesn’t take your attention away from driving.

Wishing you all safe travels and a very happy holiday!


Are you traveling for the holidays this season? Share with us in the comments below an important travel safety tip.


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