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A military spouse recently asked me, "When is it okay to make a welcome home banner or sign?" My answer went something like this, "If your command is having an official homecoming then by all means show your appreciation, support and love by creating a homecoming sign and taking it with you to the pier!" I added, ask your FRG leader in advance if you can bring a banner as well. Sometimes you can't always hang this up on a railing, tent or building, but you can hold each end with your child or fellow family member!


Here are some tips to help when creating your next homecoming banner:


Supplies and How-To

  1. Use a twin or full size sheet. Picking a white or black sheet works best to have the colors stand out and be read from far away.
  2. Grommets and Grommet Pliers. These you can use to create holes in the corners of your sheet and use zip ties to hang up on your fence, over your garage door or even stake in the front yard.
  3. Stencils. Print out the letters using your computer printer. Enlarge the font until you have one large letter on one sheet of paper. To create the stencil, print the "outline" of the letter and cut out the inside of the letter. Take your stencil, trace an outline on your sheet and fill in with your paint. Depending on how skilled your handwriting is you can also just free hand a design.
  4. Acrylic paint. When choosing your colors, keep in mind the brighter colors show up the best. Sketch out your design with pencil on a piece of paper. Doing this step will help create a good visual and it will be an opportunity for you to tweak your design. When you are happy with your "final draft" and ready "to go to print", use white primer paint to outline your design and paint the letters.
  5. Use your Creativity. Add a personalized statement to put on the sign. Example: "Welcome home Dad - We Missed You!" - "It's been 185 days and 1,200 diapers! So glad you're home!", etc. Use your imagination to add something eye catching like crystal adhesives, your children's handprints and feel free to include your four legged family members! Place a couple of paw prints down in the corner for some whimsy.

This is a great project to work on with your children. You can also get together with your milspouse girlfriends and work on your banners together.


Another option for creating a homecoming banner is to have a vinyl sign printed by a printing company. The company Build-A-Sign provides free homecoming signs to military families; you only have to a pay a small fee for shipping and handling. Through their website, you can customize the sign with your personal message and even upload a photo.


Question: What are you ideas for creating a homecoming banner?

Share them below!


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