4 Ways to Get To Know Your Spouse Again After a Deployment

shutterstock_149436257.jpgThe New Year brings an excitement to set new goals and try new things. What happens when your spouse has recently returned from a long deployment or mobilization and you feel a little bit like your dating all over again? It’s important to realize that it will take some time to get back into a familiar routine. Until then, enjoy the process of getting to know them all over again.


Here are 4 ways to get to know your spouse again after a long deployment.


Go for a nature walk - Depending on your area of the country, bundle up and go for a winter walk to enjoy the crisp air. Find a local park with trails or even the beach. During the long days of winter it can be difficult to get enough sunshine. If you have a basketball hoop try playing HORSE, the point is to find an activity that gets you outdoors if only for a brief time to do something fun and even better if there is a little bit of competitive spirit.


Have your own private book club - Pick out a book that interests the both of you and then discuss the storyline along the way. This can be really interesting opportunity for you to talk about something other than work, kids and the daily grind of life.


Cook a themed meal together - Traditionally in our home when it is time to cook dinner its crunch time. We are trying to get the meal on the table quickly. There isn’t a lot of time for experimentation. We know what we are making and we make quick work of it. Consider trying a new recipe out and have a themed dinner. We recently had “German night” at our house complete with Pork Schnitzel and Oktoberfest beer I found at World Market. We had fun, laughed and managed not to burn anything.


Explore a local attraction - If he wants to go horseback riding or if you’ve wanted to visit a local museum, make a plan to schedule something each of you pick. I can tell you that if you asked my husband the question, “what is something you have always wanted to do” his answer and mine would be completely different. My advice: plan to do both things and go with a positive attitude. I’m hoping to take my own advice when my husband takes me, you guessed it…horseback riding.


If you spent most of last year alone during a long deployment, getting to know your spouse all over again at the start of a new year can be overwhelming. By taking time to plan some fun activities like these you’ll be on your way to reconnecting and having the best year yet!


If you have experienced a deployment, what are your favorite ways to reconnect with your spouse? I’d love to hear from some experienced spouses on this topic!


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