Wendy Poling
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The first night you bring your spouse home after a long separation can be frankly, a little awkward. You are getting to know each other all over again and its okay if you feel butterflies in your stomach and are unsure of what you should plan for the evening.


Here are some tips to help plan that first night:


  • Love is in the details. Make a list of all things you'd like to get done before your spouse gets home. This "Homecoming Prep" list could include: giving the lawn a manicure, shopping for his favorite grocery items, stocking up on his shampoo/shower gel/shaving cream, and cleaning the house from top to bottom. To accomplish Mission: Homecoming, keep in mind it will most likely require several days of concentrated effort or even the hiring a lawn service or cleaning crew. Taking the time to plan this step will ensure you are able to spend those first few days together in a relaxed, clean, well stocked and somewhat organized environment filled with his favorite things.
  • Ask your spouse. A great place to start is to ask your spouse exactly what they would like to happen on that evening. Don't leave this step out. I made the mistake one time of having my family at our house. He was cordial, but exhausted and would have preferred just our little family the first night and extended family on the second night. Let them decide on how the evening should be planned and who is in the guest list.
  • Buy Ribeyes. Actually, what is key here is to make your spouses favorite meal. My husband happens to love a grilled ribeye. A homecoming meal for him would most likely consist of grilled ribeyes, corn, and seasoned steak fries, with a cold beverage and Dutch apple pie for dessert. This is not the night you make your favorite meal or your kid's favorite meal. If your spouse has more than one favorite meal pick the one with least prep time.
  • Keep it simple. What your loved one really wants is alone time with you, so be sure to not put too much pressure on yourself to make things perfect. Do your best to get a good night sleep the night before and stay hydrated since homecoming day usually involves hours of waiting outdoors. When it comes to what to wear, stick with something that makes you feel confident and sexy instead of uncomfortable. Take care also to not wear something too revealing on the pier or at the homecoming ceremony that might make him uncomfortable around his peers.

It's often said the journey is much more fun than the destination. Take time to enjoy the moment. By lowering your expectations and appreciating the little things, we live in a state of gratitude instead of noticing every little thing that might not go according to plan. In the end the most important thing is that you are back together again and enjoying the journey together.


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