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As we near the end of April and the month dedicated to recognizing our military children, I have been thinking of the many ways that my military children have changed me. As a military spouse for 13 years, my perspective on this life is surely different than when it was just my husband and I.


Military children may face difficulties that civilian children would never have to, as well as opportunities and advantages that come along with this life. They may learn hard and important life lessons at an early age, ones that shape them into the brave children they are.


While my children have taught me some valuable lessons that have helped me along the way, they have also been my saving grace for some of the most difficult moments military life has thrown my way.


Here are 3 Lessons From My Military Children:


  • I worry less and move on. My children have taught me that when things get tough, we still have the opportunity to either sulk in the stressful moment or move on without worry and just play. What an incredible life lesson this has been for me as adults tend to categorize their days as a “bad one” by one small hiccup. I don’t dwell on things I can’t control.
  • I am able to adapt quickly. Military life typically comes with unpredictability. Just like my children have the ability to adapt quickly to a new situation, they have taught me that change is a part of this life and we must embrace that. We are able to take our new challenge and make it part of life.
  • I am self-motivated. Just like my children can easily transition from civilian to military kids, part of the military life responsibility is to be self-reliant. When my husband was deployed, my children knew what responsibilities they had to assume in order to help out around the house, and I learned during those difficult separations that sometimes you just need to get up and get it done. There is no waiting or a magical pause button .

Navigating military life has surely been an exciting part of our lives, and while our military children have some of the best role models around, I am the grateful one to have them in my life. There is definitely a thing or two we could all learn from military children.  


What has your military child taught you? Share with us in the comments below.


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About the blogger: Angela Caban is an Army National Guard spouse, published author and branding expert. In 2010, she founded the Homefront United Network, a military spouse and family support blog created to assist spouses who do not live near an installation, but also focusing on bridging the gap between National Guard, Reserve and Active Duty spouses. She has an extensive background in Human Resources and Communications, with her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Human Resources. Angela resides in the beautiful Garden State of New Jersey with her husband and two children.