Wendy Poling
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Deployment.jpgSpending the summer alone during a deployment can get very lonely. One way to help pass the time is to invite family or a friend to come for a weekend visit. Here are some easy ideas to help create a comfy guest room. Most items you already have in your home.


  1. Use white linens – If white quality linens are the standard in top hotels and resorts, then why not have them in your guest room? I have two sets of high thread count sets that I purchased online and a white comforter from a top name outlet store. The guest bed looks magazine worthy and it cost me less than half the regular price.
  2. Fresh flowers – Pick them from your garden or pick up a simple bouquet from the grocer.
  3. Alarm clock – Even though many of us use our cell phones for an alarm clock, a standard clock is a nice addition to the bedside table. Even better is if it allows a cell phone to be docked for charging.
  4. Table lamp or good reading light – Having good lighting will be appreciated by your guests should they choose to read before bed.
  5. Waste bin – I actually forgot to put a waste bin in our guest room during my in-laws visit. Oops!
  6. Tissues – Another easy thing you probably already have in your home.
  7. Pen and notepad – A very cool pen and notepad for jotting down shopping lists or places to visit is a thoughtful touch.
  8. Velvet or wooden hangers – Toss the wire hangers and add a dozen nice hangers.
  9. Comfy oversized robe – Since most of us do not pack a robe, having one waiting in the closet is a very thoughtful gesture.
  10. Snacks – A little snack can go a long way to welcoming a weary traveler. Consider trail mix, dried fruit or a bag of their favorite treat.
  11. Luggage rack – One of things I like about hotels is the luggage rack in the closet. You might have to purchase this item, but when your guests have gone, you can use it in your master closet when packing or unpacking for your next getaway!
  12. Bottles of water – It's easy to get dehydrated while traveling. Place a couple of bottles of water on the nightstand to hydrate your visitor.




Ideas for the guest bathroom:


  1. White towels – Create "spa" experience with white, fluffy towels.
  2. Air freshener – Pick a fragrance that is fresh and clean instead of fruity or flowery
  3. Bath and spa items – A few bottles of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion can make your guests feel pampered. I wasn't sure what "scent" to purchase so during a shopping trip to my local bath and body store I asked the sales associate for her advice. She let me know the "energy" scent could be found in guest rooms at the nearby five star resort. You can guess that I took her up on her suggestion.


Spending the summer on your own can require some creative thinking to keep you busy. By inviting family or a friend over for a visit you will not only have something to look forward to that will help pass the time, you will also be creating some special memories.


What items are on your guest room must have list? Leave me a comment and I'll respond.