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I am turning 50 in a month and have no savings or investments, due to injuries I suffered on my last tour in Iraq and the ensuing fight between the military and my civilian job to pay me while recovering. As a result I went without pay for several years and burned through our savings and investments...
We currently owe a couple thousand on credit cards, but the interest is killing us. We both have credit scores in the 700's, but we have been unable to take out a loan with a lower interest rate to help pay them off. what is the best way to get credit debt paid off?
Currently my wife and I both put 15% into a 401K with about 30 more years to retirement at 67. We have no major debt except a mortgage. Should we put more into our 401Ks, should we pay down our mortgage or should we start a 529 for our 2 kids college (oldest is 2.5 years)?
We live paycheck to paycheck. We do not have any debt but we can not save any money. We are a family of 4. Should three hundred a week be enough for food and misc? (not including any bills) I keep track of every penny but the money just goes. I feel like we should be able to save but I cant figure i...
Disabled Vet Gal”,In the interest of getting you the assistance you need, to include career and financial counseling, I would strongly recommend you find a good counselor in those areas at your local VA, in addition to receiving your health care there.The best piece of advice I can give you at this ...
My husband and I need to clean up our credit reports. There are things on there that have been paid off for about two years that are still negatively affecting our credit scores. Does USAA assist with cleaning up credit reports if not any advice on what we should do? Thank you,
Is it better to pay off credit card debt with a debt consolidation loan or gradually over two years?
I'm getting married later this year, and I was curious how much money should we be spending on the honeymoon. I have some money in savings accounts that I am expecting to use but the real question is how much of that should I use? We're planning to get an apartment once we get married so I don't hav...
Would it be better for me to put my Emergency Fund into a Savings or a Checking account? I already have a Savings and Checking but I would like a third account so that I don't touch the money except for bills and it will hopefully be a short-term budget.
How do I get a copy of my credit report?