What should I do with upside down car loan?

I am drowning in a negative equity on a vehicle I purchased due to trading in my daughters car onto a new vehicle, which added a ridiculous amount but either it was this negative or a re-possession and I know I did the right thing in that instance. Anyhow, my vehicle is worth about 18K and the Loan balance is 35K. I realize from research on others in my predicament that sucking it up would be the best idea, but as an alternative would USAA consider giving me a personal loan to pay off the negative equity balance only at a lower rate? This way I'm still paying my debt like I'm supposed to and I'm able to make some progress on this trade in vehicle for a vehicle that wouldn't depreciate so much and be of better quality. Is this idea worth considering and in your personal opinion is USAA a good place to try this? Thanks for any input.

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