Hello, I'm 25, getting married next month, currently threading the needle financially. My fiance and I have managed to keep our heads above the water but we recently had the funding for our wedding venue fall through. Currently I work and my fiance is getting ready for school. I'm almost tapped for my debt with a student loan, car loan, scooter loan, and about $7500 in credit cards. We need to come up with $3500 by the first week of August but I don't know if I can even get a loan I can handle, if I can get one at all. I would really like if I could get my credit card balances transferred to one card or something like that to help reduce the amount I'm paying in interest and maybe that would allow me to handle the loan I need to get the wedding venue paid for. I'm just not sure the best way to tackle my current problem and any help would be appreciated.

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