Got out in 1992 after 11 years. I haven't been able to find a job I liked or that would last been at present one for almost 7 years longest one so far but it is Google ng downhill just cant brake some of those things you learned that just dont work in the civilian world.


dndwis: It definitely can be a challenge. We all become a different person based on our military experiences and the culture of the military. 


I had a conversation recently with someone else who expressed some of the same thoughts.


Have you ever thought of going into business for yourself?


The idea is that you can create your work environment and create a job/career that you enjoy most.


I know a few people who've done this and they all say they wish they'd done it sooner.


What do you think?

Jobs are just that, jobs.


What is your passion?  How do you make a living off of your passion?  My sentiment is that a job will never pay YOU what YOU are worth because it is someone else's idea of what they want and need, not what you want and need.


Maybe a part time business to fuel your desire (and nice tax deductions to boot) and work that to full time and kiss the boss goodbye?


It can be done.  


Best to you sir!



I agree, I got out around 2001 and I gotta say civilian life sucks. I worked, Aviation Ordnance and there's no real world fit for that. And it is hard to find a job you like our a job that pays you what you need.

Thanks for sharing @Ordie21 

I'm sorry to hear you haven't found a job that fits right for you. I hope some other former AOs chime in. 


This site matches the skills you may have required in the Navy to outside jobs- may be worth looking at if you are interested.


I am glad you commented and welcome you to the Community!