Since leaving the military I have noticed places like the VA and companies that say the support veterans do not hire veterans as much.

The skills we bring to the table such as hard work, punctuality, loyalty and communication skills are top notch. We also understand one another. Hiring veterans would ease the benefits of knowing we are going to cell in everytime there is a priblem. We also know how to stay late.

Having an outpost in each state (even if its not open to the public, just a center) just to be able to do basic services just as oayme ts and deposits would be beneficial. This way members do nit have to mail all the way to TX. That would benefit veterans in having a job and having accounts faster.

Thank you for letting me voice my thoughts.


Dear tvarnado04,

Thank you for your suggestions. I too believe veterans are excellent candidates for hire and am proud to say that USAA is committed to making sure that at least 30% of our hiring comes from the military community. Here is a link to Search for jobs at USAA.


I have also passed along your suggestion for additional branch locations.


Thank you again for commenting ! We appreciate your ideas and feedback!