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I'm a real estate agent/investor/remodeler and currently working on my Texas all lines insurance adjuster license. I am NOT looking for a full-time job. I just need to be able to contract with USAA when needed. Does anyone know how to get started?
Hello, I heard about the Combat to Claims and Veterans for IT programs, and I would love to apply for them. But i am having a difficult time trying to find where to do so. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Good Morning,I am a disabled veteran and a long-time USAA member. COVID-19 has left me unemployed, even as an experienced emergency manager and business continuity manager. I would really like to begin a career with USAA as a Risk Manager. Unfortunately, the jobs you have posted online are all senio...
Got out in 1992 after 11 years. I haven't been able to find a job I liked or that would last been at present one for almost 7 years longest one so far but it is Google ng downhill just cant brake some of those things you learned that just dont work in the civilian world.
Don’t let an offer that sounds too good to be true trick you. Be vigilant and don’t fall victim to phony work at home jobs promising quick cash, especially during the upcoming holiday season. Here is how employment scams often play out: You can learn more about imposter scams, securing your accounts...
How will you honor veterans on Veterans Day? Let us know in the comments section. You can also join the movement and share the story of a veteran at #HonorThroughAction Related Posts: Teaching Children the importance of Veterans Day My Debt of Gratitude to Vietnam Veterans
Working with others isn’t just social order. It’s in our code as human beings. "Getting along” is actually a recent invention. Our ancestors had no use for preferences. Working with others and liking it would have made no sense. Everyone has to work. Who has time to worry about their attachments and...
Ok not a big deal to some but when you sign on the dotted line an pass basic you will never be a civil again. They need to change this to going to veteran.
I've been with the Army National Guard since 2011. I'm considering getting out in May 2017, my ETS date. I can't find solid evidence on if I'll lose my USAA membership if I ETS without "retiring" or not. Does anyone have a definate answer?
I have just started a home decor business, Dixie Wreaths By MaryPat. I make unique one of a kind handmade wreaths for holidays, anniversaries, births, weddings, birthdays, cabins, lake homes, and sports teams. One of the challenges I am finding is there is not much help, guidance, and assistance for...

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