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I was recently given information that led me to believe that there is grant assistance for veteran owned small businesses.What are the facts?
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Captain (Ret) Kenneth Boone Sampson distinguished himself as a B-52 navigator and bombardier with a total of 363 combat missions over Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia between 1967 and 1973, as well as 18 air medals (including distinguished flying cross) and a total of 17 years of service (including prior...
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I am a military spouse who is in the process of starting my own consulting business on the side (while working full time). Does USAA offer advisory services? I need help deciding if I should form an LLC, S corp or C corp? Also, one of my clients is a technology start-up firm in Canada. Which type of...
Would anyone know if USAA has a business startup program? IE, loan or grant? Or any institution that would?I would prefer to go with a grant but I'm completely lost when it comes to who to go through.Thanks in advance and Semper Fi!
I’ve heard about the career starter loan available to those commissioning. My question is, is it also available to those who are enlisted and then going through OTS?
Don’t let an offer that sounds too good to be true trick you. Be vigilant and don’t fall victim to phony work at home jobs promising quick cash, especially during the upcoming holiday season. Here is how employment scams often play out: You can learn more about imposter scams, securing your accounts...
I saw a USAA shield graphic with my name and years of being a member of USAA. I can't seem to find it now. It was about a week ago.
Trying to find 4 USAA auto stickers, who should I contact?