now that I'm almost done with the military I have girlfriend but it seems like no matter what she's never happy she wasn't happy that I'm always in the away between 3deployments & 2 schools i have been home maybe a total of 2 years out of 5 she wants to end our relationship.but I'm almost I being selfish to ask her to wait 9 more months?


I don't think you are asking too much, however on you're way out you have to insure you have a plan, and to include her into those plans. Maybe she feels left out, I've been there a few times. Time is always worth the wait asking as you put effort into you're relationship.
Having gone through something very similar, several years ago, I didn't heed the warning signs and went through twelve years of living Hades.

It sounds as if nothing is going to please your lady; perhaps in the long run you would be happier with someone more supporting.

There is a reason for everything .
Be open and communicative with each other. No matter what happens, as both of you move forward together (although maybe not physically) at least you each figure out what is best for the both of you and have no regrets or ill feelings. The best relationships I have seen are the ones that are the most communicative. Best of luck.

bro let her go if its meant to be then its meant to be if not well........

Ask if she doesn't,
leave , she's the one being selfish