You have a career in special education. Now what?

On our network, it shows you cannot posses a USAA checking or savings account, (even when calling). If you have military members who are grandparents. You can also cannot posses a formal security clearance? Is this a type of scam? Is this usual on other networks? I would think this has to do with "chronic-homelessness", driving intoxicated, or something to with a type of crime I know I shouldn't have to talk about on this forum. You can make no calls within the USAA network, I don't think the word irresponsible comes to mind. This doesn't make sense.
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@Sober10 - If you're looking to join USAA as a member, please forward your contact phone number. I wasn't able to locate any information for you in our system. While I can't provide specifics via social media due to security restrictions, I can have a colleague research what's going on further for you. - Cathleen