There are all these great programs and groups to help vets find work but what is there for veteran spouses? My wife has been looking for a decent job for some time now, if it was me looking I would be getting hired on account of being a bet but what about her? I think spouses of military member have the harder job than those in the service there should he some way to give back to them too.


There is Military Spouse Preference (MSP) for active duty spouses but that's about it. There are a lot of websites that cater to military and veteran spouses but no special treatment of them in the hiring process, unfortunately. (I am one - I know the struggles!) don't forget to look for NAF jobs - often unknown or ignored when people are looking for GS federal jobs. And contractor positions.
As for the real world, we are just another resume in the pile.

BK159: Great question and observation! 


I have seen many couples attend career fairs together. Oftentimes, both seek new employment. Might be worth a try.


You may also wish to ask if various resources are open to Veteran Spouses as well. Either way, that list of companies attending hiring events can be used to narrow the search to companies you know are hiring - whether you're the Veteran or the Veteran Spouse.


All the best in your career searches and hope you both get hired soon!



Here are some additional resources:



And, each branch of service provides additional assistance as well.