In 2012 I bought my son’s car via the USAA buying service and the quotes I received were very competitive. In fact I was able to leverage these quotes to extract lots of value.

Last week I used TruCar and the quotes I received were essentially dealer MSRP minus incentives manufacturer incentives. BFD!!!

In my opinion, TruCar is simply a marketing service that allows dealerships to simply contact you.


Want a better price? Contact each dealership’s internet sales department with an itemized list of what you want and let them bid on it. This is what the old USAA car buying service used to be.

If you think you can rely on TruCar, like the old USAA service.....you are setting yourself up to lose THOUSANDS!!!

Hope this helps.


@Kaliningrad, Thank you for reaching out about our car buying service! I am forwarding your feedback now. Thank you  ~Tom

Perspective users might want to view other complaints that were posted about this program as well as read the Forbes article: "TrueCar Can't Serve Two Masters."  Very interesting reading.

USAA needs to get rid of this Trucar service.

It only has value to the dealers!!

Advertising to us that this is a “USAA car buying service” violates our trust.

It gets us to drop our guard at the negotiating table because by trusting the USAA name some of us not do the due diligence necessary to get a fair deal, because we thought that this was supposed to be “hassle-free fair pricing”.

USAA and Trucar are simply helping the dealers to fleece their membership.

We appreciate your feedback, @Kaliningrad. I was able to locate your information and confirmed your concerns have been forwarded to the appropriate team for review. Please be assured you will be contacted once we've had an opportunity to review this matter further. Tricia