I am a military spouse who is in the process of starting my own consulting business on the side (while working full time). 


Does USAA offer advisory services? I need help deciding if I should form an LLC, S corp or C corp?


Also, one of my clients is a technology start-up firm in Canada. Which type of company should I choose in order to keep the most of my $$? Are there any tax incentives for military spouse - female owned small businesses? Thanks.


@AROCK, Thank you for reaching out today. We do not offer Advisory Services for what you are seeking. We have many articles under the Advice tab online. But as I am sure you are aware, it is for personal finances and planning. I will forward feedback however that it may be something that members may find helpful. Thanks again and good luck with your consulting business!  ~Tom

@Tom thanks for your fast response. Please do forward my feedback. I would find much value in this service!