Kinda nervous to get out and be around civilians I don't think they will understand what I've done and been through and afraid they will judge ,
I'll be moving back to Florida when I do because I want to become a firefighter , but i m not comfortable around normal civilians ... I don't know what to do should I just re enlist?


Well, I won't say it will be easy to transition back to civilian life, it's different for everyone. But their are places to go to be around people with the same history. Like for instance the VFW. I went there this past weekend and man I have to tell you, not what I thought it would be. A lot of people and they are all willing to help. But it's like anything else take it a step at a time and you will train yourself to flow with society. It's not that they really judge but more that they don't understand. Their are so many vets around here that have faced the same struggles as anyone else. Now is the time to do firefighting in the state of Florida, almost every city is or will be higher in soon. Just remember their are brothers everywhere that are willing to help. Shoot me a email if you need anymore information or advice
Check with the VA also. They have counselling and programs available. The VFW, american legion, and other organizations are good too. They can help you get thru the red tape with the VA. Like Ray16 said...there are always brothers around and willing to help. You don't have to face the transition alone.
If you have any doubt DONT GET OUT. I Got out after serving 8 years and it has been one my biggest regrets. Civilians will never be like our military family.
Oh come on dude, people are people and are going to judge you no matter what. Man up, quit yer moaning and make a decision. If you can't handle change then you have no business being in the military or being a firefighter. Sorry if I sound a bit harsh but c'mon man, grow a pair.

MachinegunJoe: You bring up some common concerns most of us had when making the Military-to-Civilian career transition. I always remind Veterans to think about how they felt BEFORE they got in the military. Fear of the unknown, what's it going to be like, will I fit in, etc. 


It might be helpful to talk to some other Veterans who have made the transition already. Ask around. Get some first-hand information from some Veterans who went through the thought process and decisions you're thinking about.


And, check out some of the articles on GOING CIVILIAN as they might address some of your concerns. I had them too. 


Feel free to ask questions and let's hear from the Community.


Stay encouraged!