I am going back into the civilian world after only a few months of being in the military. I don't have much saved up and my parents won't let me come stay with them or lend me any money. I need some emergency funds in my bank account but I can't get a loan because I don't have a credit history. What should I do to get some money to stabilize myself?


Although it is hard to imagine why you are returning to civilian life after spending only a few months in the military, I hope you can at least have your sights set on a new job.


Establishing credit is a very important factor in your life.  If you don't have a job to assist in making financial allotments into a savings account, consider making a name for yourself in your community and possibly doing some community service work that can connect you with contacts who can validate your work ethics so you can apply for a short-term loan once you have a job.


If you were previously a member of a church, maybe you can apply for a very trivial loan for emergency necessities.


If you need a job and don't have any potential prospects, you might be able to relocate to an area where certain job descriptions are very short in manpower, namely within the new Eagle Ford Shale oil & gas discovery fields of south central Texas.  This area is centrally located around the Kenedy, TX - Three Rivers, TX geographical area.  There are numerous job fairs being held on a routine basis.  I hope you can find a solution.....You should take the initiative to do whatever is required in order to make your credit history exceptional.


Good Luck


Not sure why you left the military after only a few months? however if it was under "Honorable" conditions you could look into the National Guard because you do get paid and depending on if you liked the military or not while you were in, well if you did then you will still be connected to a lot of good people and Veterans like yourself for support and possibly some help. All the best to you and good luck.



Robert93: I see some great suggestions shared here and hope you've been able to explore all the possibilities. 


You may also wish to double-check to make sure your final pay and benefits are all accounted for prior to leaving the service.  


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 Stay encouraged!