Ok not a big deal to some but when you sign on the dotted line an pass basic you will never be a civil again. They need to change this to going to veteran.


Thank you for your feedback Jelly1. I will share this with the Member Community team.

It's not being mean but once you have served you can never go back to a civilan. The government can recall you anytime till you die. An your way of thinking has changed. This is way we can never be a civilan again. No offense to an anyone I don't want to be. I joined to protect this country. That's what I wanted to do an got my chance to serve this country. It's a great feeling standing tall an looking mean. Thanks


I'm curious if you retired or just got out after a contract was up. I'm wondering if I ETS after my contract is up, if I'll lose my membership with USAA. Do you have an answer for this?

Thank you,

SPC Lanier

C.Lain, please see our response to your other post regarding this matter. Thank you. - Rhonda