My name is Darren and I wanted to start a discussion about starting a new business. A lot of us veterans and former military find it hard to work for someone once we have left the military because of the strict chain of command and structure the military provides. I am going to start my own business after being out of the Marine corps for nearly 10 years now. I am only 34 years old and have decided that becoming my own boss and making money is what I want to do. I have been working on the necessary steps for almost 2 years in opening up a business in woodworking. I have used and am currently using my post 911 GI bill for business management classes along with woodworking. I guess what I would like to get out of this discussion is if anyone else has started there own business from just an idea and with no or little financial to support this start up. What ways have you found to get financial support or investors? Is going through your personal bank like USAA a good way for financial help and what can they offer to a young entrepreneur as myself? Hope to hear from some people on your thoughts and opinions.



As far as investors go's you have to show that you are state licenced and insured and wouldn't hurt to be bonded too. I believe a minimum of 5 years experience is necessary in whatever field you decide to go in. Also you want to take as many state tests as possible and get certified. That will be a better hookset when fishing for investors. Start with your local housing authority or red cross, goodwill, also look for real estate get together (almost like PTA meetings or FARMER MARKETS, wherever a town hall meeting or gathering) Communication is key and you want come across clear that you mean business and no games, you want to make money and do a outstanding job at the same time. Be passionate about your work and it will show.Also picture is worth more than gold, so you want to have a portfolio of the work you can do and have done, and given time, word of mouth will bless you 100 times fold