CALIFORNIA IS A BLUE STATE: THAT ANSWERS YOUR QUESTION. when you apply in cali, everyone thinks your a nut for surviving combat & will never be sane. Do what I'm about to do, move to Texas (where we get the respect we deserve)

I've unfortunately had the same problem. Odd and end jobs here and there and its really taking a toll on me. Good luck with your job search, just know your not alone. Our employment office in my area doesn't even help vets. 


Just some thoughts. 


Have you searched for work in places you haven't thought about before? Specifically, career fairs, the local employment office, your Friends and Family,etc?


Even though your resume got the nod from those inside and close to a military installation, have you asked a fresh set of eyes to take a look? If you find the right person (ideally, someone who works in the field you wish to enter) you can get some tips on how to modify your resume for that specific job you're going for.


Have you stopped by Veteran hangouts such as VFW, the VA, Wounded Warriors, or any organization who has some sort of Veteran outreach program? 


Have you explored jobs/careers outside the limits of you MOS? (Many tend to think about how they can translate a military career as an 11B Infantryman to a job in Security. I think you have many skills that may have gone unnoticed. How many people did you manage? Can you write a counseling statement or performance review? Did you manage equipment? What were your additional duties that civilian Employers need to know about?)


All the questions above were things I had no idea about back in 1994 when I got out. I learned that I simply did not know what I did not know. It is a different world as a civilian, but there are people out there who can help.


Please feel free to look at the articles on the GOING CIVILIAN Blog. We started this almost 3 years ago and hopefully something on here with help you and others.


Most importantly, keep this conversation going. 


All the best, 




Hi. I just wanted to reply in regards to looking for work... The majority of prior military members that I know and Reserve members currently serving are out of work. No matter if they have bachelors degrees, prior leadership positions, Purple Hearts, several combat tours... It's all the same. No One wants to hire. Plus, the VA is a joke. The delay with Medical documents and the chaos that surrounds the VA Hospitals is ridiculous. What worked, "partially" for some that I know is the following:  Email the Congresswoman or man in your area about the delay in your VA claim. One member emailed Congresswoman Brunley and had a call from the VA within 48 hrs. If you served in combat and experienced a Traumatic Injury, any branch including Coast Guard, 2001 to 2006 you may be eligible for a little known program called, TSGLI. It's Traumatic Service Group Life Insurance. Google it. Fill it out, have your doc sign it, fax it in. It may help. Good luck with the job search. -HM

Check out Orion International. Great recruiting company. Specializes in military transition to civilian employment.

www.usajobs.gov If you are a Disabled Veteran with 30% or more rating, you get a preference over other Veterans and Federal workers when applying for a job. Aldo, consider woking with the goverment as a contractor, they make more money as they are usually union.


Department of Homeland Security is always hiring, so check them out. City, County and State jobs have better benefits than the Fed jobs (trust me), and most give veterans preferece. You just have to prepare your resume for the jobs you will be applying for. 




I am transitioning as well and I got an email with the following information. Hope this helps.



Dear Military Veteran,


You are invited to participate in the 26 February 2014 Virtual Military Career Fair, from 12 noon-3 pm (EST) which will connect you with 40 "military friendly" companies nationwide, with special emphasis on these five states: California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. This free, Internet-based, military job fair will be held from 12 noon to 3 pm (EST). The co-sponsors are Corporate Gray and the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA).


After you sign-up via https://www.brazenconnect.com/event/corporate-gray-moaa-2, <https://www.brazenconnect.com/event/corporate-gray-moaa-2> be sure to visit each company's virtual booth to learn about their business and job openings. You will have the opportunity to "meet" the company recruiters in the form of one-on-one electronic text chats. After each text chat session, you can rate each company with your degree of interest. And at the end of the event, the company recruiters will be able to follow-up with you regarding possible job openings. Please feel free to share this with other military veterans in career transition. Good luck!