So I got out in 2009, and all I have been able to get when it came to jobs were seasonal or temp jobs. Now I work as a cashier for Wal-Mart and am looking for another job if anyone knows of anyone hiring in the Antioch, CA area.


Big oil boom here around eastern Montana and western North Dakota. Largest oil deposit in the world. They can't find enough people for the work here. Unemployment rate .5-.1.
Department of Veterans Affairs has been pushing hard to hire Vets . Check out

Biggest problem I encountered was the fact I was a white male w/out, and my disability wasn't approved yet. I was 20 year veteran with combat experience, but wasn't offered anything through that website, nor did I get a call back. I had my resume approved through the career center, worked with full bird colonels, SGMs, etc--each looked at it and said it looked great and I should be guaranteed a call back or interview.


I was highly disappointed.

USAJOBS apply and never get a reply!

abbey41: Do you know anyone that already works at the place you applied for? If not, how has your networking activity been with people that work there? 


If you haven't done so already, you may wish to meet some people who might be willing to help.


There's a Referral Bonus program for select jobs that are hard to fill. By getting to know people that work in government jobs, they might be a bit more helpful knowing that if a great hire results in a little bonus.


Here's the website:



I think a question that is not asked is what is your skill set? Your employment since seperation is actually hurting you and the skills you have. Have you thought of going back to school? Also have you talked to your local VA agencies to see what benefits are available for you (Resume Writing, Career Counseling, Workshops, Interview Assistance, Job Banks, etc.)

I keep getting emails from this head hunter called Lucas Group. Maybe give them a try?

I had a friend use a company in 2011 and he seemed to be getting offers left and right. It still took him a year to finally land something steady though.

i retired in 2012 after 20 yrs and 3 tours combat and been out of work for 2 yrs and im a union carpenter resumes is awsome sent out 1000 only 1 or 2 replys to seel insurance the unions are failing  but i do have a cpl things lined up just got my cdl class a  through unemployment for  free and may ill ride a big rig around

I would like everyone to know how it's like here in Oxnard, CA. I'm a combat vet. Got out after 9 yrs. Recently been in and out of college. The only job I actually qualify for (maybe overqualified) is security. Even on this job I'm only on call, so I work on occassion. Ever since I came to this place to take care of my aunt who had cancer, I was constantly on the look out for work. I applied literally EVERYWHERE! And I'm not kidding. I'm so fed up with this place that I'm willing to drive 20+hours to Texas (where veterans get treated better). I'm so sick and tired of this "hire mexicans first" mentality that I often see here. Don't get me wrong, got nothing against them but I can't even get a fast food job over here. All I'm looking for is a full time job, whatever it maybe. There seems to be a DON'T HIRE VETERANS CAMPAIGN going on over here. For that, Texas sounds very good to me.