I'm not sure if this is the right venue for my topic but will give it a try.   Any feedback welcomed.   Project I was on ended and I'm way too young to retire so decided to return to school and start a new career.   I have just finished premed with the goal to become a Physician Assistant.  I have volunteered with hospitals and also shadowed a physician.  Part of the requirements for grad school is actual paid patient experience.   I am looking for any paid position that will provide the patient experience for gradschool.   I can be reached via email kmwhtt@gmail.com


Dear kmwhtt: You might consider circling back with those Hospitals you worked with and visiting the HR Department at each. Also, since yo shadowed several Physicians, ask them if if there's anything coming up in 2015. Since you have access to the MDs, DO, and other PA-Cs already, a quick trip to the Doctor's Lounge, Grand Rounds, or Journal Club might lead to some new opportunities or networking.


Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes!