How Do You Overcome Perceptions About Military People?

You’re in the Prospective Employer’s waiting room just 5 minutes before that important job interview. You’re dressed sharp, your résumé looks polished, and you’re prepared for each and every question they throw at you! All of a sudden, there’s “Breaking News” involving a Veteran.


What do you do in order to overcome any perceptions that might arise?


Here are my thoughts...


1. First of all relax!


  • Most employers are looking for Veterans (despite recent news stories).
  • Maybe the owner (and / or interviewer) is also a Veteran and as such both of you have "something in common".
  • People respond to "actions" and most try not to stereotype a whole group based upon the acts of a few  individuals with problems or issues of which you are not one of them (right?).
  • Your former military affiliation is often not know by your employer, or interviewer, unless you included it in your resume (or say something).
  • Your former military affiliation is often not know by your "co-workers" or  "customers" or "clients" (unless your employer includes it in your online business profile) and as such the "co-workers" or "customers" or "clients" individual "perceptions" of the military may not even come into play during your day to day job related activities (unless you say something).

2. Secondly, as long as you are prepared for the job interview you should not have any problems.


3. Lastly, it is TRUE. The public is increasingly disconnected from the military and the wars it fought since 2001 compared to those who lived through the wars of 20th century as shown by this report. So it is up to each veteran, acting as individual examples and "ambassadors" for the military to show by their individual actions that despite the bad acts of other "veterans" that military veterans, as a whole, are to be trusted, are good workers, and are deserving of the pride in their military service bestowed upon them by others.

Lets keep the discussion going...


Great insight and advice WEBSITE GURU!