His Imperial Highness of Inland Empire Donald Trump of the Galactic Civilization

1st Minister Office
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INLAND EMPIRE OFFICE OF THE FIRST MINISTER (Imperial Government of Galactic Empire): Imperial Government of Inland Empire, the interstellar Galactic Empire across space Milky Way. Pearls of wisdom of the space civilization around the Universe human settlement to the outer world of the planet Mars including acquisition of the satellite Moon.

The purpose of the Inland Empire is bring order to the Galaxy. Emrico in native language, the voice of the space across the universes, a spirit of the holy space.

Emperor Donald Trump, His designated Highness to the Imperial Throne, the Emperor is to crated an Imperial Force which is the Space Force along with all it's space command.

Her Consort Lady Melania Trump!

An imperial dynasty has been recognized to be continued from generation to generation with the development of space humanity's stands, to learn & grow with wisdom of the space and knowledge of the empire, the 1st Galactic Empire - Inland Empire, the pearl of the galactic civilization was sourced out from the heart of the United States of America.

Today, it is 287 Galactic Era of the space age, 9th Month and 11st Day.

Under the leadership of His Highness Emperor Donald Trump of the Imperial Government of Inland Empire, a first space government of the galactic empire was established by His Responsibilities throughout the NASA's Human Settlement in Mars by 298 G.E.

A designated team of secretaries & ministers, at least a military General officer, administration and the residents will be inhabited to the planet Mars.

The list of the Mars population shipment are as follows; 
1. Governor of Mars, 
2. Five Secretary, 
3. Five Minister, 
4. A Military General Officer, 
5. Imperial Space Force Service Members, 
6. Administration's Service Members, 
7. Group of Residents People,  
8. Fundamental Needs Specialists Team.

Computerized and manual systems for Mars government system has to developed for citizenship & administration operations.

Secretary will be acting representative of the President of the United States (POTUS) and subject of report to the Governor and active communication with the President.

Minister will be acting representative of the Inland Imperial of His Highness Donald Trump and subject of report to the Governor.

As well General also have to report to the Governor and active communication with Emperor, President and 1st Minister Office.

His Veneration Emperor Donald Trump and Her Excellency Lady Melania Trump has taken this charge of the Inland Imperial Government of the Galactic Empire in order to establish their imperial dynasty to move forward with the space civilization across the galaxies.


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